Roger Black Gold Treadmill and the history

It is little wonder that the Roger Black Gold Treadmill has such a good name in fitness equipment, when you consider the heritage of the man himself. Roger Black won silver medals in the 400 metres sprint in both the Athletic World Championships and the Olympic Games, only being beaten by the American athlete Michael Johnson. Roger Black has performed at the highest levels of international athletics for over 14 years. These days, Roger Black has forged a career in televison as a commentator and pundit, and as a motivational speaker, for both private and corporate customers, on such diverse subjects as Change Management, Teamwork, Overcoming Adversity and Leadership and he was awarded the MBE in 1992.

As a renowned middle distance runner, Roger Black was best placed to put his name to the Roger Black Gold Treadmill, a piece of technical fitness equipment designed to help runners of all abilities reach their potential. Many people are unaware of the fact that Roger only took up athletics aged 18 due to a leaky heart valve, which was diagnosed at school, when he was aged just 11.

Fitted with a number of useful features, the Roger Black Gold Treadmill has a variety of pre set programmes Roger Black Gold Treadmill and historyas well as a heart rate monitor and calories counter, so the prospective athlete can see how the Roger Black Gold Treadmill is helping to improve his or her performance.

The treadmill is simple for the user to operate, straight out of the box, and provides a top speed that would suit all but the fleetest of runners – and its large LCD display is easy to read, even when running flat out.

In addition to the normal, horizontal running surface, the Treadmill can be inclined by up to 6 percent to provide a greater level of resistance and subsequently create a more challenging workout for the user. It features a hand grip heart rate monitor and even has a useful storage tray (a good place to put your iPod of MP3 music player) and a bottle storage holder, for your water or isotonic drink.

A treadmill of this nature can take up a lot of space in the average home, and this is where this piece of sports equipment really comes into its own, as the unit simply folds away when not in use.

So, for the enthusiastic athlete who wishes to extend their training regime to a year round programme, but is concerned that they only have a small area in which to use exercise equipment, the Roger Black Gold Treadmill could well be the answer.